Tour Talk​/​Homesick

by SUNLINER (formerly J&TJ)

Tour Talk 03:54
We're sleeping in the van tonight, No food but that's all part of the ride We're living off beer and crisps for the night, Our eyes are dry, we're bringing smelly to new heights, We'll wake up, shake it off and see the sights, We'll fall in love, walk these roads until we're old, drink too much and throw it back up, sing it back until it hurts, 'cos we're only human after all We're skint, that won't change, coffee's running through our veins We're doing what we love, and can't complain, We'll talk shit, but that's ok, some of the best days we've wasted away, So drink up, sing a long and waste today
Homesick 03:02
I remember the old folks back home, Every night in that old watering hole, I don't see any of those folks anymore, Grabbed our bags and headed for the road, To towns and cities, we did go, It's not quite the same as across the road, I stole these chords from the Bragg, I took these words from my head, Do they even make any sense? I remember when Matt had long hair, The place was so much bigger then, I fucking swear, Some of us left, and some of us are still there, Every Christmas we all come back, I say "It's shitter every year", and every year I take it back, Sometimes it just nice to be at home


released January 7, 2014


all rights reserved



SUNLINER (formerly J&TJ) Leeds, UK

Punk Rock from Leeds on Lockjaw Records (UK), Paper + Plastick (US)


  • Dec 03
    Leeds, UK

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