Dead Weight

by SUNLINER (formerly J&TJ)

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Intro 00:48
DIY 02:38
The older I get, no easier it seems. And why did no-one tell me it never feels like you’re not fucking winging it. The more I work, the less time I have, to do the things that it is supposedly fucking paying for - Middle age keeps getting older, and I only know one form of DIY. Middle age keeps getting closer, and I only know one form of DIY - Take the moth from my wallet, take the blisters from my feet, split it up, share it out, and what’s left for the rest of the week? 27 Days, 27 fucking days, you can have more but you won’t get paid.
Coffee Tally 02:17
This one’s for the Wasters, the Hand and the rest. And all the other bands that do what they do best. For all of the hours spent in the van, on the M25 and for Guinness in a can. We’ve got mates by our side, after a 19 hour drive. There could be worse places to be stuck then Galway, this is our life, man. This is our community. Hear my heart race, and my liver moan. Hear the creak of my joints and my head forgetting that distant student loan. We’ve been to all the service stations, but on the motorway they’re saviours. This one’s for the people who come out to the shows, for the ones that make it happen and the ones we don’t yet know - We put our heart and souls into this sound, and we’ve got 2 options. Is it do it for us, or do it for them?
Dead Weight 02:40
Ambition moved in right next door, showed its face and left me wanting for more. Influence to a seat on my floor, just out of reach, away from where it could’ve been. We want more, more of the same. More work for less of the pay. What’s that? You’ve got a lot on your plate? I was never good a juggling, I always drop the fucking ball - Sleeping, I’m pretty good at that. And I may not be good at many things, but I try my hardest not to be a cunt, you can’t say that for everyone – Spent weeks on the sofa, and as many in the gutter. I’m an under-achiever, in the eyes of my keeper. Set your sights high, and your hopes low. Well, we’ll never make it anyway. But at least we won’t be dead weight.
Tour Talk 03:45
We’re sleeping in the van tonight. No food, but that’s all part of the ride. We’re living off beer and crisps for the night. Our eyes are dry, we’re bringing smelly to new heights. We’ll wake up, shake it off and we’ll see the sights – We’ll fall in love, walk these roads until we’re old, drink too much and throw it back up, sing it back until it hurts. ‘Cos we’re only human after all – We’re skint and that won’t change, coffees running through our veins, we’re doing what we love, and can’t complain. We talk shit, but that’s ok. Some of our best days we’ve wasted away. So drink up, sing a long, and waste today.
Hear the sirens through the streets, are you comfortable where you sleep? This city lies to me, tells me what I’m supposed to be and what I need, in this world to succeed. In this city the monsters come out at night, they talk, and circle like satellites. You may be talking, not hitting, but you’re still searching for a fight – I won’t follow your lead and I’m not one of the ‘lads’, since when did being a dick become a fucking fad? - In this city there are monsters both day and night, it’s not how you look, but how you treat people that’s wrong or right. You may be speaking, not hitting, but you’re still looking for a fight.
23 02:49
Head for the exit, and I’ll show myself the door. I’m so sick of being rejected, by places I don’t want to go. Tie your hair back, and shine your shoes, I don’t know if a tie is too formal for you – Well I question everything that I do, my shoes, my hair, my arrogance and my dreams. Well, yesterday I told myself, I’m only 22, but today I’m 23 – Is there something in the water, or is it lack of sleep? Because everyone here looks the same to me. What are your strengths, your weaknesses, and what makes you tick? We’ve got a specific set of criteria that you don’t fit. – Head for the exit, and I’ll show myself the door, I’m so sick of being rejected, by places I don’t want go, since when did I need experience to hand out food? And when has it been a hindrance to look like I do?
I had a phone call yesterday, 23 hours awake, 23 on minimum wage. I had a phone call yesterday, telling me to get on my way, telling me I’d have to pay. What do you think of where you live? What do you think of how you live? Take a survey, send us feedback, and no matter what you say, we’ll take it that you like that. Is it true what they say? ‘If you can fake sincerity, you’ve got it made.’ You’ve got it made – Well, what were your intentions? Was it to lower expectations? – Cut down the trees, widen the roads. Make more buildings, none of them homes. Take what it means, to be human being and sit back and watch the profits rise accordingly. Well, is this really living when the offices are given more time and more space, then the ground below or the human race? – I won’t hear your call, and I won’t be the one to break your fall.
Borders 03:52
I went down to where I call my home, to where everyone I know and love are never alone, and I will my song. I went down to where I call my home. To where the trees, stand tall and proud, and where people come from all around. I went down to where I call my home – Open the shutters. Unlock the doors. You can sleep in my bed, and I’ll sleep on the floor, and we’ll sing our song. Sing ‘No borders anymore.’ – It doesn’t matter where you’re from. What language you speak or where you were born. Because we’ll sing our songs, we went down to where we call our home.
Real Life 02:17
Just turned 23, struggled for a job after university. 5 days a week, 12 hour days. 12 hours on my fucking feet. Give in and sell your soul, this career path’s got pot holes. ‘Where do you want to be in 10 year’s time? Back in the dole queue line?’ – Is this what you need to succeed? I’d rather fail – You get the minimum wage. That’s what you get these days. Just enough to get you by, it’s all in the fucking phrase. These words are dog eared, it’s nothing new this year. They’ll monitor what you think, then play on what you fear – Is this what you need to succeed? I’d rather fail – Real life, analyse and over rate it, like a piece of art waiting to be suffocated.
Homesick 02:56
I remember the old folks back home, every night in that old watering hole. I don’t see any of those folks anymore. Grabbed our bags and head for the road, to towns and cities we did go. It’s not quite the same as across the road – I stole these chords from the Bragg, I stole words from my head. Do they even make any sense? – I remember when Matt had long hair. The place was so much bigger then, I fucking swear. Some of us left and some of us are still there. Every Christmas we all come back, I say its shitter every year, and every year I take it back. Sometimes it’s just nice to be at home.
Hypocrites 03:32
I repeat myself when I get drunk. I play the same chords in all the songs I’ve sung. I make bad jokes when things get tense, we’re all hypocrites just to a greater or lesser extent. – Lay me down so I can sleep, take that gun away from me, hold me close so I can see this world will be the death of me – The cold was hard this year, took friends and family with. I wrote you a postcard but I didn’t know where you live. Should I see more? Should I read more? It’s a fine line between making and wasting time.


Recorded by Kurt 'The Hair' Wood at Jam on Top Studios and a bit in his room July 25th-December 16th 2014


released April 6, 2015

Accordion on '23', 'DFTL', 'Real Life' and 'Borders' by Joe Wasters
T-Bone on 'Coffee Tally' by Robin Leitch


all rights reserved



SUNLINER (formerly J&TJ) Leeds, UK

Punk Rock from Leeds on Lockjaw Records (UK), Paper + Plastick (US)


  • Dec 03
    Leeds, UK

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